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Portfolio Preparation

Wanting to pursue a career in design, fashion, architecture or fine arts? VSA’s portfolio program guides you every step of the way along the postsecondary application process, from choosing a university to submitting your portfolio. Whether you want to study within North America or abroad, VSA can help you study at your dream university.

1. University Selection

We assess each student's individual strengths and interests to select universities that match their needs. 

See our results.

2. Program Selection

We help students select the programs that will help them fulfill the requirements of their chosen universities. From architecture to fine art, we offer a wide range of programs designed with the most popular disciplines in mind.


3. Portfolio Building

Students will create a diverse portfolio that contains 15-20 works (or more) over the course of the program, depending on university selection. We will individualize each student's portfolio based on their creative talents and artistic vision.


4. Writing Workshops

Not sure how to express the meaning behind your art? We've got you covered. Students will learn how to write clearly and convincingly to create compelling artist statements and personal profiles. Our instructors will closely review student statements with students together. These writing skills will help students beyond just the scope of their university applications. 


5. Interview Preparation

Develop a strong set of interview skills through comprehensive interview practice sessions. VSA will equip you with the tools needed to give a great first impression.

6. Application Submission

After the all portions of the application are completed, VSA will guide students through the final submission process, including scholarships application and more. We will help students create a unique application for each different university that they have chosen.

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