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VSA Art+Design Studio is an inclusive community of artists and designers with a deep passion for art. We have been dedicated to providing quality art programs for youths and adults for over 15 years. From drawing and painting to architecture and digital media, our expansive selection of programs has something for everyone. 

We believe that art has the power to bring people closer together. The process of creating art is also a process of connecting, communicating and understanding. We hope that you will join us on an incredible journey through art.


To encourage innovation, discovery and learning in art and help students achieve their artistic goals, whether it be learning how to draw as a hobby or attending a top-ranking art university. ​

We strive to instill in students a desire for artistic and personal excellence, through which they can make meaningful contributions to their community. ​


Education Consulting

Learn what programs best suit you and how to plan for university applications.


Events and Fundraisers

Find out more about upcoming events and how you can support VSA.

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