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Care, inspiration, passion, pragmatism, appreciation, responsibility.

Art is an essential part of our lives. It inspires, shapes, reaffirms and connects us. More importantly, it's a way of communicating with the world around us. Through learning more about the world, we learn more about ourselves. And that's why we're here, to help young students get a head start on entering the fantastic world of art. 

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Creating starts young. At VSA, children get to explore their creative talents under the careful guidance of our instructors.

Students are prepared for transitioning into intermediate programs. They will learn fundamental drawing techniques at this level.

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Intermediate - ART LAB


Explore, innovate and create with VSA’s intermediate classes! You will continue to build foundations in art, while discovering new techniques and ideas. For students who want to make art a serious hobby or potential future career, classes at this level will prepare you for challenges such as contests, school applications and more. 


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Learn advanced techniques and explore new modes of inquiry.  How do we creatively convey meaning through our art? How can we express our identity, in relation to our community, culture and world at large? VSA’s curriculum combines conceptual judgment with technical rigour. Working with a variety of media, students will refine their technical proficiency, hone their critical thinking skills and expand their creative range.



Need help navigating the university application process? We're here to help. From choosing the right university to building your portfolio to submitting your application, VSA knows how. Book a consultation today to see what plan best fits your needs.


Challenge - Contest


Take an artistic journey around the world as you compete internationally with other aspiring young artists. VSA’s Youth Art Contest Program is an intensive program that prepares students for prestigious international art contests.

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New Media - Digital Art


A key field to study in an increasingly digital age. Using contemporary design theories, students will learn graphic design, digital illustration and more. These skills are vital to fields such as video game design.


Adult Classes - ART CLUB


You don’t have to be a professional artist to experience the wonders of art. Whether you want to take up art as a hobby or improve skills related to your profession, VSA has a program for you.  

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