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                             ARE SAYING

"This year is a year to celebrate, because I got admitted to Byng Arts! I thank myself for my efforts, I thank my mom for her support, and of course the most important, to thank Mr. Liu who's been encouraging me, and all the other VSA teachers who have been giving me  help!  


Thinking back, I have been studying in VSA art studio for almost 8 years. The first impression was a small room when I was there led by my mom, she told me it was a studio, If I like it, I could learn art there later. At that time, I did not understand the concept of likes or dislikes, but when I was learning to draw with Mr. Liu, I was very happy. Mr. Liu was always smiling, and if I didn’t understand anything, he always taught me patiently. I told my mother that I decided to stay in this studio and study hard. This is the VSA art studio. 


Later, when I grew up, I found Mr. Liu stricter with me, and his expectations of me were higher than before. I was also asked to participate in competitions. I was a little unhappy and felt pressured. However, Ms. Sophie was always there to enlightened me, all the other teachers in the studio also helped me in a timely manner, and at the critical moments, Mr. Liu's advice always makes me have better ideas. Gradually the stress became less, and drawing became easier again. In this way, I continued to learn artyear after year. After I applied for Byng Arts I finally understood, all the competitions and improvements that Mr. Liu requested were in preparation for me to be admitted to Byng Arts one day. 


Applying for Byng Arts is big deal for me, it is not easy, and there was much planning in advance, preparing works, and practicing interviews......this was a lot of procedures. But applying for Byng Arts is also easy, because there is Mr. Liu, and all the other teachers to help me. I remember that the day I received the offer, it was still Mr. Liu who called me early in the morning to tell me the great news. It felt he was more motherlike than my mother! 


VSA has witnessed my growth, and I have also witnessed the development from a small room to a large two-story studio like today. In VSA, I am very happy to be able to draw and learn from other peers, and also trying to set an example for the younger students. I will be cheerful!"

-Amy Chen, Gr. 7

"My interest in art since young created an effective foundation for me to establish a clear goal towards my career path. However, my success in receiving offers from the world’s top fashion universities would not have been possible without the guidance of Mr.Liu and Sophie.

In the beginning, I wanted to create designs that had a good visual appeal and were targeted towards everyday wear. I often looked at ready-to-wear collections of famous brands to stimulate my own creativity. Although after some time, I realised I was designing within my own comfort zone, and that my designs lacked authenticity. None of my designs were true to myself, and I was struggling to take risks.

At this point, I was unsatisfied with the projects I produced, and relied on others to give me advice. Hence, Mr.Liu made an effort to encourage me to focus on concepts rather than the product. This boosted my creativity, and after an entire year of practice, I finally went on the right track. Towards the end of my grade 11 year, I could clearly identify an improvement in creating my sketchbook.

Upon the last few months before the deadline, I went to VSA everyday right after-school and stayed until the studio closed. With Mr.Liu and Sophie’s constant support, I felt confident with the projects I produced. Since I was unsatisfied with a few pieces in my final portfolio, Mr.Liu inspired me greatly to make changes or restart the project. Just two days before my interview with The University of the Arts London, Mr. Liu worked extra hours with me to complete a final piece. Therefore, I could confidently express myself and the ideas behind my pieces during the interview.

In VSA art studio, I learned the importance of research, and to see the concept behind a garment. Mr. Liu did not only teach me how to make a successful portfolio, but also prepared me for post secondary. My experience in VSA is a stepping stone for me, which will help me majorly in solving problems in the future."

-Becky Ni, Gr. 12

"My first class in VSA is when I am grade 5, by then I have never experienced art and design. However, Mr. Liu helps from the beginning, he teaches how to draw basic shape first and slowly into something complicated. When I am in grade 10, I start to realize that I want to become an architect, so I ask Mr. Liu if is possible for him to help me accomplish this goal. And he says yes, so then I begin my journey of becoming an architect.


Completing many designs with Mr. Liu, the one that I remember the most will be the bus station. I can remember that me and Mr. Liu spend almost a month just to complete the model of the bus station. During the process, we have rejected many ideas and also came up a lot more. Everyday, Mr. Liu will have to arrive at the studio around 8 so that he can help me get everything prepared. When I think back on what have the teacher has done for me in that one moth, I feel very appreciated and thankful. Not only do I learn many new things about designs, but I also enjoy being in the studio.


Often, Mr. Liu will come in to the room, and entertain us with his collection of jokes. Although, many of the jokes I have already heard it from before, it is still funny when I hear the teacher say it. Not only does Mr. Liu that helps me a lot, but also Sophie. When it is time for me to apply for universities, Sophie helps me with all things that I need for applying university. Everyday, Sophie will work until late at night and search up all the requirements for all the university that I want to apply to.


It has been about 7 years from my first class with VSA until now. I have watched the community to get bigger and greater, everyday when I come to the studio I can see new faces. I wish that VSA can continue to grow and I will start to miss all the fun things I have done during this 7 years. I will miss both Mr. Liu and Sophie and also all the friends that I made inside studio. In the end, I appreciate a lot for the help that VSA has given to me in order to complete my dream. Thank you!"

-Emir Lin, Gr. 12

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