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Thank you for considering the VSA's Byng Arts Prep Program for your child's artistic development. This page provides comprehensive information on the application process, key dates, and requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

Students starting in Grade 5 up until the middle of Grade 7. Demonstrated interest in the arts (no prior formal training required).

Application Process

  1. Online Application Form

    • Available from [insert starting date].

    • Complete the form with student details, including a brief statement of interest in art.

  2. Artistic Assessment

    • Submission of a simple artwork created by the student (details on requirements will be provided).

    • This is to gauge the student's current level and potential, not their proficiency.

  3. Parent-Student Interview

    • Scheduled upon successful review of the application and artwork.

    • A chance to understand the family’s expectations and discuss the program's suitability for the student.

  4. Program Acceptance

    • Notifications of acceptance will be sent by [insert date].

Key Dates

Application Opens: [Insert date]

  • Submission Deadline: [Insert date]

  • Interviews: [Insert date range]

  • Acceptance Notification: [Insert date]

  • Program Start Date: [Insert date]

Required Documents

  • Completed application form.

  • Student's artwork for assessment.

  • Any additional documents as requested (e.g., report card, if applicable).

Fees and Policies

  • Program Fee: [Insert fee details]

  • Policies: VSA's regular class policies apply to the Byng Arts Prep Program. See policies on registration, absences and more here.



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