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VSA's Byng Arts Prep Program is specially designed according to Lord Byng Secondary School's Byng Arts Program requirements, and will help you develop the skills necessary to create competitive prompt responses and excel at the February on-site auditions. Guided by teachers with over ten years of experience helping students enter the Byng Arts Program, you will be challenged to push your creative boundaries and discover new ways of thinking about, and doing art.

Skill Development

As the first step in the program, students will practice creating pieces primarily in sketching and painting to develop their drawing fundamentals. Continuing from this foundation, the program will guide students through a series of progressively challenging exercises designed to enhance not only their technical skills in sketching and painting but also to broaden their understanding of color theory, perspective, and composition. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only master the basics but also develop a versatile skill set that prepares them for more complex artistic endeavors.

Response Preparation

The Byng Arts Fine Art application requires applicants to prepare a response to a visual prompt that is shared beforehand. Students in the program will come up with their own initial interpretation of the prompt, and will receive technical guidance in the creation of the response. Students will also consider media, compositions and styles they have not used previously.

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